We aim the nurturing your child's individuality into productive world citizens and making them Future Ready, with a belief "Catch them young", these untapped reservoirs of talent are explored by honing there musical, bodily - kinesthic, inter-personal & intra-personal skills through

Genius Fitness Academy

Genius Academy of Performing Arts

Genius Academy of Art & Craft

Genius Academy of Music


The Curriculum at Genius is UNIQUE in its weave in inventive thinking, multi intelligences and differentiated learning ... with us it is much BEYOND CHALK & TALK.

Major tranformation in the curriculum of beginers through variety of ways using music, co-operative leadring art activities, role-multimedia field trips, inner reflections and much more through multi intelligence.


We facility learning, beyond being confined within four walls amidst row & tables, NOT BY TEACHERS BUT FACILITATORS.

Extensive learning Resource Center.

State of art labs for physical, chemical, biological and computing sciences.

Equipped Audio-Visual Room.

Mathematical apparatus room & Social Science Experimental arena.

Language Lab

Eco Freindly green corners.

Yoga centre to be one with self.

Fleet of buses in live with safety measures.

Infirmary for medical attention.

Dramatic Club.

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